About Kris

Kristian Knoop (1992) is a dutch sound recordist and sound designer. He graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy (NFA) in 2018 with a diploma in Sound Design.

His passion for sound has been a constant throughout his entire life, as he spent most of his childhood building amplifiers with knickknacks and playing with old radios. Before starting his studies he spent some time evolving his techniques and deepening his knowledge of the field. During his internship before the Filmacademy at Cue Creative in The Hague he discovered his love for cinema and decided to pursue it and learn more about sound recording and sound design.

Throughout the years he has worked on several small projects such as documentaries and short films thanks to which he has improved his skills in sound design and production sound, greatly evolving his techniques.

Kristian is very dedicated to his work and keeps on learning every day with a great smile.


Sound is something what everyone different interprets. A film becoming interesting when picture and sound perfect coherent whit each other. It is my goal as a sound designer, to these consistency between picture and sound to display them as clearly as possible. The spectator need not only hear the sound, but also need to understand the sound. Qualitatively recording of the sound and thereby giving right message to the spectators is really important.


The coherent between picture and sound should be guaranteed in any way. Between the preparations and the recording of the location audio, need the right choices to be made.Thereby plays the angle of incidence which recorded the sound a big role. Also during this process  attempt for a good balance between picture and sound.


For hire ♥
× Sound Recordist
× Boom Operator
× Sound Assistant
× Sound ADVICE
× Sound Designer

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Vereniging Constructief Audio (VCA)
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